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Moustache Sauna – Zurich, Switzerland

Moustache's story, to me, is like the story of Zurich. It is really pretty, absolutely beautiful, clean, modern, well maintained, exquisitely designed, but unfortunately, somewhat boring.  Upon entrance, you get to choose the color of your towel. Something that apparently... Continue Reading →

Sundeck – Bern, Switzerland

I came to this place with many hesitations. First of all it was snowing that day, which led me to believe that the place might be  empty. Second of all, this is Bern. This is Switzerland. So what? You ask.... Continue Reading →

Chariots Vauxhall – London

Welcome to Vauxhall, the hardcore gay area of London where anything and everything can happen, especially if you are certified party boy. For me, this used to be where I would go out to clubs, drink, get drunk and pass... Continue Reading →

Deutsche Eiche Sauna – Munich, Germany

The Deutsche Eiche means the German Oak. I wonder how is that related to this special place in the heart of lovely (but totally boring) Munich. A Sauna or a Hotel? This is quite a unique place. To begin with,... Continue Reading →

Badehaus Babylon Cologne – Cologne, Germany

If you have never been in Cologne, well you're missing on the worlds sauna capital. Cologne offers the gay man traveler so many great establishments as well as some seasonal parties that are truly competing with other more traditional gay... Continue Reading →

NZ – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Oh Amsterdam... what a heaven on earth. The only place where you can buy a joint and enjoy it in the most luxiorious, most smartly designed, beautiful modern gay sauna that I have ever visited. This one really gives you... Continue Reading →

Saunawerk – Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt does have something to offer the sauna lovers with its huge, quaint Saunawerk just 10 min walk off the central Frankfurt area. So wether you are traveling for leuisre, have a long layover or even have a few days... Continue Reading →

The Watergarden – San Jose, CA

This place is a huge riddle. The weirdest place. Not that it ain't super pretty. It is very nice, clean, spacious. Very American indeed. Problem is - it's not exactly what you would expect of a gay sauna. If you... Continue Reading →

Pleasuredrome – London

I love the Pleasuredrome. Even though it is not as good as it used to be 6 years ago, it is still a favorite. Why? Because of the passing trains that gives it a special underground feeling like no other... Continue Reading →

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