Viva Sauna

I had two days to spend in Germany. decided to check this sauna out on a Tuesday evening. Not such a promising time to visit, but better than yesterday when there was no public transportation available due to a strike! In Germany! Who would’ve believed.I had no expectations. This is Stuttgart after all, not Cologne or Berlin. But I have to admit that I had a very pleasant surprise as I always have when Inset my expectation real low.


Very mixed. Young and adults, skinny, toned and fatties alike. Overall, if this is the variety on a Tuesday night then it must be super amazing over Sunday afternoon.


This is Stuttgart. Don’t expect the palaces of cologne or Berlin. But this one is very well-kept and a lot of investment was done on the design side as well as comfort. Music changes between different parts of the place and a nice chill out area is nicely lit and decorated. Big like for the design criteria.


The sauna is very clean. A nice chubby guy rubs the place or so it seems and makes sure all is in place. Just got back from a London trip so compared to the Sauna disaster over there – this place is like Buckingham palace clean.

Wet Sauna

This one is a good size and it has glory holes and nice separation panels to make the whole thing more interesting. A red dimmed light also gives it a nice atmosphere and a good relaxing ambiance music is played within.

Dry Sauna

This one looks pretty new. Spotless clean and with an amazing smell like a flower garden is growing beneath. beautiful glass doors were built-in to its corner which also makes this dry sauna a bit more special.

Overall I give Viva sauna a surprising 70 degrees Celsius (out of the boiling 100)
Viva Sauna is located at Charlottenstraße 38, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany



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