NZ – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh Amsterdam… what a heaven on earth. The only place where you can buy a joint and enjoy it in the most luxiorious, most smartly designed, beautiful modern gay sauna that I have ever visited. This one really gives you the full package.

Photo by: NZ Amsterdam

This place is built smart. Very smart.

NZ really understands what this whole scene is all about. This place has been given tons of thought, care and attention possible. It’s in the modern urban design but mostly you can find it in the little things such as the small white mint flavored candy spread throughout for your refreshment or the lube endless dispensers in the dark rooms and cabins.


This place is built smart. Very smart. No maze has a dead end as the corridors and halls are built in a circular path that keeps one going and going discovering new areas that are lit perfectly to allow the sexiest most sleazy atmosphere. There is a huge wet sauna with large ceramic tiles, a beautiful big Finnish sauna where you can view the showers area which is also very intelgently located. From there you can go to an endless dark room with many different light effects in different colors. This gotta be one of the best dark rooms ever.


Not everything is perfect of course. Currently this is the only active sauna in Amsterdam after the fall of the great old Thermos which failed to recognized the winds of change blowing of a new sex era. Being the only sauna in such an overcrowded city packed with tourists and locals, makes the crowed, well, not so attractive. The sauna is usually packed with many 50+ men for some reason.


You will find this place super pampering. There are amazing masseuse that will give you very high quality deep tissue massage (not sexual!) to relax towards your weekend or you can drink nice cocktails at the bar.  If you purchase a massage when entering you will get a generous discount on the entry price.

Most credit cards are accepted which makes it really easy to be spending…
Smoking Room

The NZ smoking room is an highlight for me as I always bring joints with me and enjoy them with a cup of coffee in the smoking room which has a clear view of who’s coming and who’s going. Again- smart architecture makes this venue so perfect.

Another nice feature is that you can ask for a re-entry ticket that lets you leave for 4 hours and then come back for 5€ only

Come in and Out (and In again)

Another nice feature is that you can ask for a re-entry ticket that lets you leave for 4 hours and then come back for 5€ only. Since it is located right in the middle of town this can be a good arrangement to go outside, eat something, do some shopping and come back!

This is one of the best saunas in the world, in the best city of the world, making it easy to give this place a whooping 100 degrees Celsius out of 100!

Keep it going NZ team. This place is awesome.

Located at Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95, 1012 NB Amsterdam

Have you visited NZ before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. This sauna is full of arrogant Amsterdam gays, who are rude and think they are quite a catch. I know because I used to live there. Most of them hang around with sour faces (sometimes with no luck at the end, which made me laugh) and all look as if you have to prove how much you are worth to be their fuck-buddy. No thanks 🙂 As long as this attitude does not change, Amsterdam’s saunas won’t ever go back to their glory in the 90’s. On positive notes: interior is quite good, anal douche is on sale; which is very important for bottoms, and the staff are quite nice.

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  2. “The sauna is usually packed with many 50+ men for some reason” why do you find this a problem? Men over 50 are allowed to get out and enjoy themselves. You may not mean to but you come across as a right nasty little bitch, you seem astounded and annoyed that Chariots in Vauxhall seemed to have a mostly men over 30. Gay Saunas are not exclusively for the under 30s you know, i for one enjoy a broad mixture of ages, You need to learn that people of all ages enjoy these places and one day , if you not all ready you be over 30 or over 50.. mind you with your attitude id be surprised if you make it to your nest birthday. So GaySaunaBoy, live and let live, the world doe snot revolve around you, try and broaden your horizons, talk to someone over 30, from what ive observed lately id much rather have a man with hairy chest and personality that a hairless bimboy who thinks everything should revolve round him

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