Badehaus Babylon Cologne – Cologne, Germany

If you have never been in Cologne, well you’re missing on the worlds sauna capital.

Cologne offers the gay man traveler so many great establishments as well as some seasonal parties that are truly competing with other more traditional gay capitals in the world. And one good reason for that is the Babylon sauna in Cologne.


This place has a very Roman feeling to it which makes it pretty unique

What can I say? This place is absolutely gorgeous and it’s huge too! Even in the outside of this place before you get in, there is a TV screen showing some promotional videos of the inside which looks spectacular. Once you go in you get your key and you can turn right to see a bunch of lockers on two floors. If you go left you will notice the big nice semi circular bar that offers plenty of cocktails, Great food etc.

Back in the days they used to have an interesting ceiling with led lights that were resembling a night with shining stars in Agraba but today they are going for a more clean modern design. Still this place has a very Roman feeling to it which makes it pretty unique. If you go down the stairs you will discover a nice sized maze that combines red light and maybe some blue if I am not mistaken. Down a long corridor with a few LCD screens showing various videos you will find the big Jacuzzi that is a masterpiece. This Jacuzzi is definitely one of the best that I have ever seen in Europe. Then if you go left you will find the entrance to the steam room which is also unique, big size, and full of German man. There is also another top floor where there are rooms that are designed in Spanish style.

The Pool

Well the Babylon is definitely most famous for its pool. This is an outside pool under the sky that hosts amazing parties during pride. It also has its Spanish motives but beware the water is not as hot as a Spanish man! Unfortunately the water are very cold. Combine this with the non-cooperative Cologne weather and you will discover this is just a chilling area rather than a swimming hall.


Service in this place is great. Staff are very friendly and will assist you with anything you need. I do need to mention that massages do include a happy ending so if you are looking strictly for a good deep tissue massage, Then maybe you should go somewhere else, perhaps your hotel. I stayed at the pollman which right across the corner from Babylon.

If I need to summarize, then I would give this place a 100 degrees Celsius out of 100. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Badehaus Babylon CologneFriesenstraße 23-25, 50670 Köln, Germany

Have you visited Badehaus Babylon Cologne before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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