Alexander Sauna – Athens, Greece

Let’s start by saying that I am already planning my next visit to Athens. Such a magical city. Don’t get me wrong, it has many ugly sides – but I was always known for my attraction to sexy-ugly, be it men, fashion or locations! Apparently. So the city of Athens is kind of like a city after a war. The gravity cannot be missed, shops are locked for free entry in fear of robbery, bus drivers hold no cash just in case someone tries to grab it – definitely not your average European city in terms of safety. No wonder we did not expect anything from their gay sauna, or the gay scene in general. But we had a pleasant surprise!

6 Floors
Alexander Sauna is actually an entire 6 story building in the middle of town, with laminating light decoration that is visible to anyone and everyone in Gazi which is the center of all night life, gay or straight. I found this fact quite interesting in light of what I have been reading online on how the Greeks nowadays are not the most accepting of LGBT community.

Each floor has its own theme. First floor is equipped with a lovely bar, and a cute garden with an open roof so smoking is allowed. One floor down is the basement which is basically a large play room with themed nights like naked weekends. Second floor is a special Prive floor with rentable cubes for those who need their privacy. Another floor u and you have your usual lockers as well as a small jacuzzi and showers. Another floor up and you have a large cruise area with all kinds of spaces to have fun. But that’s not all. There is another floor with the usual steam/cruising room. This one was dead empty and no wonder. It stinks! Luckily there are 5 other floors to enjoy of!

Not the usual European standard, no question about that. But it is clean enough for you to enjoy your stay without having gross guilts. The steam room is an exception as mentioned, the smell of mold is unbearable.

The highlight of Alexander Sauna. Without a doubt – the Greek men are called Greek goddess for a reason. Well built, toned, dark, hairy, hot men. Where were you all this time? If you are looking for the German white tall clean shaved men – go somewhere else. This place is packed with hot Mediterranean men, and they are in the game. The basement floor was always featuring steamy action that should not be missed while in Athens. Combine this with the amazing naturist beach of Limanakia gay beach and you got yourself a dreamy coastal vacation.

Athens is also very cost effective and Alexander Sauna is no different. I believe I paid 15€ entry and you get a card for your second and third entry for a cheaper price. So what are you waiting for?

We are definitely planning on coming back to Athens and Alexander Sauna
So this one is a boiling 85 out of 100 degrees Celsius

Alexander Sauna is located at Meg. Alexandrou 139, Athina 118 54, Greece

Have you visited Alexander Sauna before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. Hi and greeting from sunny Israel

    I wish to visit at athens with 2 friends at AUG and pray that the times will better with the Corona

    If so- do you think you will be open? And if so- can you advise me for 2-3 hotels at your street near you?

    Many thanks on advance
    Tzafrir Alterman


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