Spartakus Sauna & Fitness – Kraków , Poland

This place is one of those places where you have the lowest expectations possible, but then you encounter a lovely surprise. After all, this is Krakow. Not even the current Polish capital, so I had my hesitations before I took upon myself to visit Spartakus. And on a weekday!

unnamed (1)
A look from the outside – quite surreal

Spartakus is designed as an old Polish bar with some attention to (random) details. Entrance is Polish-cheap, so somewhere around 33 zloty which is roughly 8€. Comparing this to western Europe gay saunas, this is a real bargain.


First of all, this place is clean, like most places in Poland. It is a medium size sauna – not big nor small. Upon entrance, you will get an electronic key for you huge locker, stretching all throughout the wall so no worries if you bring your carry on luggage with you.

Once you cross the lockers area you will see the bar with the big sign in polish saying “Roman Baths” (Laznia Rzymska). Couches are spread around and a nice sized lounge area for smokers is equipped with PCs if you must go online while here.

Photo by Spartakus Sauna & Fitness
The basement has a large steam room. Very dark and unfortunately suffers from the known issue of mold smell. If you are a frequent sauna visitor you must know it, and probably already used to it. Right next to it there is a big hall that smells like the steam room but it actually isn’t. Couldn’t quite figure out what is the purpose of that area.

Of course, cold and hot showers are also available. Seems like there is only one toilet room on this floor, which although is equipped with a free hose, does not provide enough privacy. No worries, some other toilet rooms are available upstairs. Top floor has rooms with a slight smell of sweat (typical) and a gym. Toppest floor is a sun deck for sun tanning which I didn’t get to see as it was snowing.


The masseuse who was there was really hot! So if you feel like a massage, don’t hesitate. These are of course priced as everything in Poland. Super cheap.


Like I said, this was mid-week afternoon. Note that the place closes at 21:00 in the evening. A good time to come would be around 18:00 in the afternoon. There were several hotties and as usual most of the crowd were older guys. If you are not too picky, you will definitely enjoy here.

Photo by Spartakus Sauna & Fitness
Photo by Spartakus Sauna & Fitness

Visible from the road

To summarize, I give Spartakus Sauna & Fitness a surprising 55 degrees Celcius, out of the boiling 100.

Spartakus Sauna & Fitness is located at Marii Konopnickiej 20, 30-302 Kraków

Have you visited Spartakus Sauna & Fitness before? Tell me about your experience in the comment down below

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  1. Visited twice in May 2019. First night, only me, my friend, and the attendant. We didn’t stay long. Second night, a small crowd (5-6) developed down in the enclave of the wet area which made for an interesting evening.


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