Der Boiler – Berlin, Germany

Who have not heard of Der Boiler? If you have been to Berlin before, and haven’t visited this site, well then, you can’t be gay. This is a one of a kind sanctuary that has already been discovered by many gay men from around the world. Still, it is frequently visited by locals of course, and a lot of them on Sundays. Open Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 06:00 and Friday from 12:00 noon around the clock through Monday 06:00 – this place has a lot to offer for anyone who is attracted to men.

Entry is 21€ and well worth it. First floor includes the locker area with a modern design. Going down the stairs will lead you to the middle floor with a small lounge area and a good cafe-bar. The cafe has an extensive menu that can easily compete with other lunches available around Berlin. I recommend trying one of the soups after a good cold shower. There’s breakfast, sandwiches, salad and pizzas as well. Oh, and a full bar with all you can think of ordering to drink. Don’t forget to try the local Cola brand – fritz-kola.

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Taking another step down to the basement floor. I mean, just look at the images – this place was designed with a lot of thought. There is a big center piece in the middle where all the boys sit, and opposite from it is a large bubbling Jacuzzi. There is also a small relaxation room and of course the dry sauna.

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But the number one element here in this area and in Der Boiler in general – is the steam room. This is where things are happening. Here is where the guys moan and the, well, other guys observe. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water before, and after going in here. As you never know how long you will find yourself inside this steamy maze.

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Moving on to the cursing area, also in the basement floor. Pretty large, dark and sexy. With the right music in the background you can find yourself walking around for a while – it’s hard to choose. Crowd is mainly younger clientele but not only. It also, as you probably already know, varies depending on the day and time. But whatever time it is, you are guaranteed to enjoy Der Boiler.

Have you been to Der Boiler? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comment down below


5 thoughts on “Der Boiler – Berlin, Germany

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  1. Wednesday May 22 will be my first visit of Boiler. Looking forward…. I visited a lot of gaysaunas in the Netherlands. NZ in Amsterdam is the best in Holland. I hope my Boilerexperience will be the best in Europe 🙂

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  2. I visited the boiler 3 times so far.
    first time was amazing… it was in the middle of the night and it was really crowded and a lot of things going on.

    especially I enjoyed watching from the steam room what’s going on in the pool under the water.

    second time was soso, third time was boring.. well, it actually really really depends on the crowd.

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