The HotHouse Steam and Leisure – Cape Town, South Africa

Visiting The HotHouse Steam and Leisure came with high expectations. After two weeks of traveling this fascinating country I came to acknowledge the high standard of tourism, accommodations and attractions. These people know how to host! This eventually led to a slight disappointment where it comes to its single gay sauna in the Cape Town. The HotHouse Steam and Leisure is located in a beautiful neighborhood but lacks the South African hospitality standards. Firstly, the sauna is currently being renovated, and the smell of fresh paint is very present. That said, it seems there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Entry was quite cheap if compared to western Europe. R150 per person including one towel and complimentary flip-flops which is a nice touch. Your locker includes 1 condom and 1 lube. Condoms are freely spread around the venue for you to use. My locker was actually half broken 😦 .


Unfortunately I cannot call this place clean. Cigarette butts can be found on the floors that could use a swipe of bleach as well as rust and mold covering parts of the walls. The soap dispensers were empty at the toilets and the general look just did not seem very hygienic.


I visited during Saturday afternoon which usually means pick gay sauna time, but The HotHouse Steam and Leisure was far from being full. I could count around 20 people. That being said, I suspect this place may be fuller during night time. The reason for my suspicion is the big sign in the entrance saying “No Drugs” and “No Pass-outs” which hints this is a party animal’s favorite hangout after bars close down.


This is another area where The HotHouse Steam and Leisure lacks of. Theres a small jacuzzi which was not bubbling, for some reason the engine was broken. The smell of the water was very moldy and it just seemed dirty. Presence of chlorine was not detected which may advise you to skip it. The dry sauna was a highlight as it smelled good, while the wet sauna was a good size and smelled OK. Other highlights are the large maze and many cabins, a fireplace and a big bar. The second floor has a sun deck but that area was messy and in the midst of a renovation. Still, I thought it could be improved even while being worked on.

Overall, despite the disappointment, I managed to have some fun. I would say The HotHouse Steam and Leisure is a 20 degrees Celsius out of the boiling 100.

The HotHouse Steam and Leisure is located at 18 Jarvis St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa.

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  1. Only 20 out of 100??
    Man this place is far from perfect but it deserves at least 50. Been there on my visit to Cale Town and had a great time, the design is pretty cool with a beautiful aquarium behind the bar, nice staff and cheap entrance. I would say it’s a good return for your money and worth a visit while you’re visiting Cape Town


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