Deutsche Eiche Sauna

This is quite a unique place. To begin with, it is a full on gay sauna, located within a hotel. But it is not a gay hotel! It is a nice 3 star hotel listed on and all the other accommodation websites. It really makes you believe that only in Munich can something like this exist. And no word about the germans... 🙂


Badehaus Babylon Cologne

What can I say? This place is absolutely gorgeous and it's huge too! Even in the outside of this place before you get in, there is a TV screen showing some promotional videos of the inside which looks spectacular. Once you go in you get your key and you can turn right to see a bunch of lockers on two floors. If you go left you will notice the big nice semi circular bar that offers plenty of cocktails, Great food etc.


What I liked best about this place is the variety of guys. All coming from different parts of the world, mostly for business, making it exciting to discover who came from which part of the world.

Viva Sauna

This one looks pretty new. Spotless clean and with an amazing smell like a flower garden is growing beneath. beautiful glass doors were built-in to its corner which also makes this dry sauna a bit more special.

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