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Deutsche Eiche Sauna – Munich, Germany

The Deutsche Eiche means the German Oak. I wonder how is that related to this special place in the heart of lovely (but totally boring) Munich. A Sauna or a Hotel? This is quite a unique place. To begin with,... Continue Reading →

Badehaus Babylon Cologne – Cologne, Germany

If you have never been in Cologne, well you're missing on the worlds sauna capital. Cologne offers the gay man traveler so many great establishments as well as some seasonal parties that are truly competing with other more traditional gay... Continue Reading →

Saunawerk – Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt does have something to offer the sauna lovers with its huge, quaint Saunawerk just 10 min walk off the central Frankfurt area. So wether you are traveling for leuisre, have a long layover or even have a few days... Continue Reading →

Viva Sauna – Stuttgart

I had two days to spend in Germany. decided to check this sauna out on a Tuesday evening. Not such a promising time to visit, but better than yesterday when there was no public transportation available due to a strike!... Continue Reading →

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