Reno’s Relax – Zürich, Switzerland

Reno's Relax is the sweet spot for any homosexual who is turned on by mature man. It is also a place where local German and French speaking men chill and spend their day. I have visited here after the lovely Moustache Sauna and you cannot ignore the differences.

Moustache Sauna – Zurich, Switzerland

So what do we have at Moustache sauna? There is a dry sauna and a dry bio-sauna, whatever that is. To me it just feels like the temperature is far less than in the regular one. There is of course a nice size wet sauna with an in-sauna TV screen which I thought was a nice touch.

Sundeck – Bern, Switzerland

Sundeck was a pleasant surprise. It all starts when they ask you to choose the color of the towel which I thought is a nice feature(later I found out its a swiis gay sauna thing). Then continues when you are given an electronic bracelet key. All you need to do is place it close to your locker and the locker automatically opens up. The place is actually really nice and most of it is covered with a wall-to-wall rug, which I thought was refreshing, and easy on your "saunad-out" feet.

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