Chariots Vauxhall

I have been in the Vauxhall Chariots before. Last time I was here, a few years back, this place was super empty. This time, it was a Sunday afternoon, and still - not as crowded as I would expect. Maybe this is more of an after party place which explains the thorough inspection performed for each person requesting to enter. Water bottles are confiscated.



Nice big jacuzzi. The size can make it a pool even. Theres this new aluminium bars spreaded to allow laying down on the surface of the water. Nice feature. Overall, this is a good sauna. Good size, nice atmosphere. A few tweaks and it could get back to its glamour days.

Sweatbox Soho

So my boyfriend and I visited this place more than once and it defiantly is popular. There are a lot of hot guys of all kinds, so it is popular for sure. It is pretty much packed whenever you come so that can never be a bad thing. But if you care about hygiene at all, or if you are smell sensitive - well how can I put this? Prepare yourself for a hard journey and not in the good way.

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