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United Kingdom

Chariots Vauxhall – London

Welcome to Vauxhall, the hardcore gay area of London where anything and everything can happen, especially if you are certified party boy. For me, this used to be where I would go out to clubs, drink, get drunk and pass... Continue Reading →

Pleasuredrome – London

I love the Pleasuredrome. Even though it is not as good as it used to be 6 years ago, it is still a favorite. Why? Because of the passing trains that gives it a special underground feeling like no other... Continue Reading →

Sweatbox Soho – London

"The hottest, busiest, most loved sauna in central London", yea yea. But. and there's a big but. It's actually really dirty, smelly and horribly maintained. So my boyfriend and I visited this place more than once and it defiantly is popular.... Continue Reading →

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